From Neolithic to Now Norris Exhibition

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The Norris Museum (Museum of Huntingdonshire) is launching a new exhibition to take visitors on a journey through at least 5000 years to the present. It throws a fresh light on how inventions in ceramics, glass and printing in the distant past have been moulded and adapted to our very current needs and technologies. Exhibits include a 3,500 year old Babylonian cylinder seal, an Elizabethan bible from the days of jousting knights, through to electronic components from a local Robot competition. The exhibition runs from 4 March to 20th May 2023.

Audio files accompanying the exhibition

Poster for the Norris Museum Exhibition "From Neolithic to Now", running from 4th March to 20th May 2023
01 Poster 101 inventions around the home
02 Poster Introduction to the Exhibition
03 Poster Printing History
04 Printing Exhibit with Babylonian Cylinder Seal and Elizabethan Bishops Bible
05 Poster Ceramics History
06 Ceramics Exhibit
07 Poster Glass History
08 Glass Exhibit with Condenser, Spearpoint Unguentaria and Microscope
09 Glass Exhibit with Roman Beads and a Crystal Bowl
10 Interactive Display on Printed Circuit Boards
11 Exhibit with Images on Different Papers and How to Identify Papyrus, Linen Rag Paper and Woodpulp Paper
12 Glass Window and Panes from Charles I Cottage
13 Picture of Roman Glass Fragments
14 Thank Yous and Credits to Contributors
15 Interactive Exhibit on Printing
16 Poster on Modern Applications of Ceramics, Glass and Printing
17 Glass Exhibit of a Photo Negative and Modern Coloured Glass Fragments
18 Interactive Exhibit of Pictures and Pottery under the Microscope
19 Interactive Exhibit Pottery Handling
20 Printing Exhibit – Composing Stick, Printed Circuit Boards and Two Prototypes
21 Ceramics in the Museums Permanent Collection