July 2013

The Ukraine Carpathians: Europe’s last great wilderness by Alexander Stemp

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New Updated Edition

Alexander Stemp introduces us to a little known corner of Europe that is waiting to be discovered. With its beautiful mountains, valleys and forests, the region offers the chance to step back in time and leave the modern world behind. Here you can experience one of the last great wildernesses, where horses and carts still travel the roads and local people still work the land in traditional ways.

Alexander Stemp has visited the Ukraine Carpathians on various occasions. He gives a unique glimpse into this still relatively unknown part of Europe and provides information and advice on finding your way around the area, including a number of sample itineraries by bicycle and train.

This second edition of the book has been fully updated and extended, with new chapters devoted to Uzhgorod, Beregszasz and Slemence.

Book enquiries can be directed to the author/author’s office by e-mail: 1.stemp.beyond@gmail.com

Revised 2013 edition:

ISBN: 9780957195950
Title: Ukraine Carpathians: Europe’s last great wilderness.
Second revised and extended edition
Pages: 88
Published: July 2013