July 2018

Sons of Scotland by Lesley Goad

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A family story of two courageous brothers from The Gorbals

Born and raised in the Gorbals in Glasgow during the austere times of the great depression, James and Joseph were called to serve their King and country during WWII.

James enlisted in 1942, as soon as he was eighteen, and spent four years at sea, serving in the Royal Navy, travelling the world, taking part in many theatres of war. In November 1949, James set sail to the other side of the world to seek his fortune, to have unforeseen adventures in the heart of Australia, and to fulfil his destiny.

Joseph earned the George Cross, aged only 19, when he heroically died in March 1946, trying to save others from an imminent explosion, as a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps in Hong Kong. Back in the Gorbals, his cousin, Irene, successfully campaigned over a decade to keep his memory alive.

James and Joseph were really not much more than boys, but they had lives full of adventure and courage. Irene’s undaunted campaign finally led to Glasgow recognising their hero. Their stories were to reunite the Hughes and Goad families and become the inspiration for this book.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-25-4

Paperback – 210 pages illustrated with over 100 black and white photographs and an 8 page colour insert.

RRP: £19

To purchase a copy, please contact the author, Lesley Goad at pj.goad@homecall.co.uk

This is Lesley’s second family story. In the first, ‘Fen Farming Family’, we met James’s and Joseph’s sister, Sally, and the farming Goad family from Cambridgeshire.

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