May 2023

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The Cat that Sat
The Cat that Sat

Safeguarding our Future: Systems thinking framework for action post Covid-19 by Gordon Dyer

Safeguarding our Future

As the deadly Covid virus adapts to survive in a vaccine environment, so we need to adapt governance processes and social behaviours. During the Covid ‘War’ our politicians – spent time fighting each other. Defences were weakened by some of those who remained insistent on personal freedoms.

This book offers a way forward to deal with some of the important challenges of our difficult times.  It has relevance to wide range of readers, but particularly to those with leadership roles in many organisations, from industry trainers to services, including the police grappling with issues in their local areas.

The book examines areas and necessary wider changes, beyond the scope of the UK Official Inquiry into Covid-19.

We need in-depth national conversations relating to temporary changes to governance during future threats and to adjust national learning goals for the young, to enhance children’s appreciation of possible times in the future when collaboration with, and care for others, will be preferable to remaining insistent on individual rights.

The book suggests a pathway and offers a methodology for a group to develop a new set of ethics which would represent a better alternative future for the group concerned. It is based on the use of a conversation style of dialogue to both encourage and emphasise participation of all members of the group in defining their new future.  This will reduce knowledge hiding.

Gordon Dyer shares his wide experience of systems thinking in his analysis and approach.  Using systems thinking to create the future requires what is sometimes called ‘uncommon sense’. This means taking pragmatic actions, sharing creativity and leadership, and being prepared to learn from mistakes.

A significant contribution from one of our most experienced systems and design conversation scholars and practitioners. Dyer demonstrates the power of systems thinking in understanding complex contemporary issues and events. He offers a solid systems-based methodology and concrete strategies for pursuing meaningful, beneficial change. This is an important work for educators, politicians, and all who recognize the need for collaborative effort in the face of enormous challenges.

Gordon Rowland, Professor of Communications, Ithaca College, NY USA

Safeguarding our Future: Systems thinking framework for action post Covid-19 by Gordon Dyer

ISBN 978-1-911526-64-3

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