May 2017

Alfie Bear goes to work by Brenda-Gillian and Alfie Brown

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Cover for Alfie Bear goes to work

Alfie Bear goes to work and meets lots of new characters down on the farm

Alfie Bear is a delightful tale about a little boy who blows out the four candles on his birthday cake and makes a wish. He wishes he could be grown up like Mummy. That night he dreams he is grown up and becomes a farmer. Little did he know what adventures lay in store for him down on the farm.

This is a delightful tale to read aloud with young children. We meet various characters that live on the farm and learn about the needs of others and how colourful farming can be!

A4 paperback with full colour illustrations by Brenda-Gillian and Alfie Brown.

ISBN: 9781911526117


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