July 2014

Maiseerola and the Purple Sweets by Brenda-Gillian and Amelia-Rose Brown

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Cover for Maiseerola and the Purple Sweets

Maiseerola loves purple sweets, but they lead to trouble. A lovely story for young children about actions and their consequences.

Written by Brenda Gillian with help and direction from her granddaughter, Amelia-Rose, Maiseerola and the Purple Sweets is a story about a little girl who loves purple sweets and the antics she gets up to when she goes to a friend’s birthday party.

Maiseerola soon finds out that actions have consequences when, full of energy she bounces a little too high on the trampoline and ends up stuck in a tree. Luckily help is at hand from a friendly woodland fairy, but will Maiseerola take her advice?

A lovely book to read out loud to young children and beautifully illustrated by Andrea McKenzie.

Copies available from the author, Brenda Gillian. Please email her at brendagillian86@gmail.com or visit the Crazy Grandma stories website at www.crazygrandma.co.uk

ISBN: 978-0-9571959-9-8

A4 Paperback format

36 pages with colour illustrations

RRP: £8.75