August 2016

Go For It! : Sixteen SME Leaders Share Their Stories

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How do you end up running a business?

We all have our dreams. Our 16 storytellers from the Huntingdonshire Business Network wanted to be actors, rock’n’roll legends, flying aces, military commanders, travellers and scientists. Some were told they had no future, or they struggled with school. Others were persuaded to give up their dreams and told to ‘get a proper job’.

But things change, people, the economy, politics, and new opportunities arise.

These 16 stories show that, whatever your beginnings, you always have the choice to follow a new path.

Whether you are in business yourself, a new start-up, thinking of changing your job, or a school leaver taking the first steps into work, we hope this book will encourage you to build YOUR new future: Go For It!

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ISBN: 978-0-9933337-8-1