June 2014

Dark Seeds 3am by Deborah Hawkins – Revised edition – Out of print

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This is a true supernatural story, of one woman’s battle with evil that began in her childhood and how she won against adversity in the end.

Deborah describes her life as an unstoppable downward spiral of occultism, drugs, abuse, violence and rebellion, her search for love shattered. Underneath it all is a palpable menacing threat, one that manifests physically.

Buffered from pillar to post, from different institutions to living on the streets, such vulnerability only led to more complex problems and suffering, and any kind of recovery was deemed impossible.

Yet, with every challenge Deborah fights her way back to sanity, normality and happiness, often with the help and kindness of strangers.

Left to her own devices you may well find yourself asking what kind of miracle could possibly usher hope into such a dire situation?

Deborah now lives in Astbury, Cheshire, UK. This book is her testimony to the fact that no matter how far you fall or are dragged under, by your own actions of the depravity of others, there is always hope.

Deborah, a trained counsellor, project founder, author, speaker, mother and Nana, has a passion to bring wholeness to others through her written work and speaking engagements.

Invite Deborah to share her testimony: You can call her on 01260 281279 or on her mobile number 07840 363486.

Read an extract here http://goo.gl/Q9Syg0

Out of Print