March 2018

Thomas and Del Boy go to Mars by Brenda-Gillian and Thomas Marshall

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Cover for Thomas and Del Boy go to Mars

Thomas and Del Boy learn about measuring, distances and space and embark on an exciting adventure to the red planet.

Thomas has always been interested in everything, but most of all he wanted to reach for and touch the stars. With Del Boy, his friend of many years, Thomas dreams of how they might build a rocket to visit the red planet, Mars.

In this lovely children’s book, written by Thomas and his Grandma, and illustrated with photographs taken by Thomas’s father, we learn all about measuring, distances and space and are introduced to the mathematical language that we might need for such an adventture. It’s a long way to go and Thomas and Del Boy will probably need a packed lunch!

This is the third book written by Brenda-Gillian, with, and for, her grandchildren. All three are special. The two other stories are Maiseerola and the Purple Sweets and Alfie Bear goes to work.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-21-6

A4 Paperback – Fully illustrated

RRP: £10

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