July 2021

Unusual Occurrences at Hall End by Chris Thomas

Cover for Unusual Occurrences at Hall End

In 2015, Chris looked out and down the close of Hall End in Milton and wondered what unusual events might be happening there, if you only had the imagination to see them.

The result has been a record of the ‘Unusual Occurrences at Hall End’ in this limited edition of 108 books.

This book includes 51 of the events, from the first arrival and partying of the pothole trolls in the rather damaged 2015 road, to the ritual slaying of a COVID virus in 2021. Hall End has had its fair share of visitors, from a diplodocus, a couple of mammoths, and the occasional clutch of benign human clones. When the weather gets too bad, it can be changed. Chris has repaired the moon and even assisted in a solar eclipse. And when the road floods, well, let’s just say that things happen!

This book was part of Chris’s 2021 July Cambridge Open Studios exhibition, where a collection of the ‘Unusual Occurrences’ photos were displayed for the first time.

The A4 paperback book is available from Chris. Email him at chris@miltoncontact.com

ISBN: 978-1-911526-52-0

Price: £10.00 plus P&P