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Pursued by the Soul Destroyer by D J Hawkins

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Cover of Pursued by the Soul Destroyer by D J Hawkins

This is a true story, deeply anchored in the supernatural. Harrowing experiences led Deborah into a hopeless situation.

Only a fraction of her sanity remained. Recovery was deemed impossible – until a miracle occurred.

The book is split into three parts. Part 3 will challenge your understanding and perceptions as well as offer encouragement and guidance.

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ISBN: 978-1-911526-55-1

Paperback. 270 pages. RRP: £12.00 plus P&P

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Audio version planned


Part Three 143
Tying up loose ends 144
Alcohol – A Deadly Toxin 146
Church v Recovery 147
Back on Track 151
A Vision is Born 153
Number 3 157
What’s wrong with the occult? 160
The character of Satan 164
Satanism 169
God Cannot Be Mocked 175
False Idols 177
The dangers of the occult 181
The Living Word of God 184
God’s power changing lives 187
Three Divine Appointments 189
Story One – Joniva’s story: 189
Story Two – Christian meets Satanist: 190
Story Three. A Busker set free 193
Points to Consider. 195
Secular Systems 195
Does Satan exist? 197
Made in God’s image 197
Looking after your temple 199
Tattoos 202
Baphomet 204
The sound of hooves 206
Fear of coming into the light 208
Pride 208
Be a free woman 211
Only accountable to God 211
Catholicism v Christianity 212
Torniquet on the Holy Spirit 215
Deception and Syncretism 217
Don’t remain an overfed baby 219
A false Holy Spirit at work 222
The Impact of Anger 226
Abusive Partners – Woman Know Your Worth. 228
Fear, Anxiety and Depression 232
Using The Arts. 234
Coping Strategies 236
Examine Your Own Heart 239
Sixty guidance tips 248
Books I recommend 253
About the author Deborah J Hawkins 255
Reality Check 256
Be Encouraged 261
My thanks to God 263
To my brothers and sisters in Christ 265
For the soul that sits on the fence 265
Pray 266