Ka Sefofane: The Story of Flying Mission by Malcolm J. McArthur

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The Flying Mission was inspired by the effortless flight of birds over the heads of a medical team, toiling across difficult terrain in the beautiful country of Botswana. This book charts the journey from inception to an organisation that brings medical and spiritual help to people across the vast expanses of Botswana and neighbouring countries by aeroplane – ‘ka sefofane’!

The author, Malcolm J. McArthur learnt to fly and chose his further medical training to realise this dream. Asked by the Flying Mission to record its birth and growth, he has written a book full of humour, stories, people and faith.

Flying Mission provides air transport for missionaries, church workers, and medical personnel and their patients. It is committed to the spiritual and physical welfare of all Batswana, especially those living in the remote areas of the country. Flying Mission is a Christian, non-profit making body registered with the Government of Botswana as a charitable organisation.

This well illustrated book will appeal equally to doctors, pilots, Batswana (the people of Botswana) and the general reader.

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