Marvellous Mammoths: Mammoths in Huntingdonshire by Chris Thomas

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Marvellous Mammoths takes you on a journey back in time: From the present to nearly 3 million years ago – and back again. A story based in the East of England, but relevant to the rest of the UK.

Come on an 18,000 kilometre round trip from St Petersburg to Siberia to recover the very first intact mammoth in 1902. There’s the mystery of how and when a sample of this mammoth’s hair came to the Norris Museum in St Ives, Huntingdonshire, UK.

Going back in time, to before the current ice age and its waves of ice began, we discover mammoths here in the East of England.

Chris, the author of the book, was lured into the Norris Museum by chance and ended up researching mammoths, the ice ages and ancient humans for the Marvellous Mammoths exhibition in 2015.

The book was made possible by the collection and encouragement of the Norris Museum and has been published with the support of the Goodliffe Award, given by the Huntingdonshire Local History Society.

52 colour pages

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-8-8

RRP: £8.00

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