The Art of Invisible Landscapes by Gwyneth M. Thurgood

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The Art of Invisible Landscapes: A stunning collection of art inspired by images seen through the microscope

This is a journey that takes you on an exploration of landscapes and colours evoking foreign lands and medieval stained glass windows; to views into worlds invisible to the naked eye.

Gwyneth shares her stunning paintings, etchings, drawings and photographs as she interprets the vibrant colours and patterns she has discovered in crystals and chemical compounds under the microscope.

Join the artist as she reveals the abstract patterns, intimate views and mystical landscapes she has captured for us.

Gwyneth Thurgood is an elected fellow of the National Society of Education in Art and Design and is also a member of The Quekett Microscopical Club.

For more information about her work, visit Gwyneth’s site at:

Limited first edition. 100 pages. 72 illustrations

Price: £40

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-1-2

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