Harriet Hat by Gillian Grinham

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Harriet Hat loves hats!

Harriet Hat loves hats! The problem is, whenever she chooses a hat, it seems to result in unexpected events and adventures.

Inside Harriet Hat’s bedroom is a large, wooden wardrobe and inside the wardrobe is a large cardboard box. What do you think is in the box? Yes, hats. Woolly ones with ear-flaps, cotton bonnets with ribbons, scarf-type hats with pictures. In fact, there are so many hats that sometimes Harriet sees one and says with surprise, ‘Now there’s an interesting hat, I wonder when I can wear that?’

Before she knows it, the unexpected strikes again!

Author Gillian Grinham wrote these stories in sympathy with others afflicted by hats.

Proceeds from this book will go towards a breast cancer charity.

Paperback. 50 pages with illustrations by David Bethell.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-13-1

RRP: £6.00

To purchase a copy, please contact Gillian directly: grinham@hotmail.co.uk