Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope (2nd Ed) by Lewis Woolnough

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Cover for Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope (2nd Ed) by Lewis Woolnough

Following the success of, “Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope”, Lewis has updated the original edition to include new material. This is the Second Edition.

As before, the book is suitable for the absolute beginner, the amateur and the professional using stereomicroscopes in their work.

In this new book Lewis has included an introduction to Photography with the Stereomicroscope.

In line with the understandable desire of a new stereomicroscope owner to get started as soon as possible, a quickstart guide is included right at the start. The reader can use the instrument immediately at a basic level and then return to the book to expand their knowledge.

The book includes paired stereo-images which reproduce the three dimensionality that is such an enjoyable and informative feature of the stereomicroscope.

Lewis Woolnough, a retired Headteacher, has pursued microscopy with a passion for the past 20+ years. When told that there was no suitable work on the stereomicroscope, he immediately set about using his life skills to write the original book. Lewis’ aim was to create a well illustrated accessible text that would help you to use the stereomicroscope immediately and competentely. This second edition continues that aim.

Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope 2nd Ed. by Lewis Woolnough

ISBN: 978-1-911526-23-0

Sadly, Lewis passed away early 2021 and his book is now out of print. However, we intend to make a copy available on the Internet Archive to be accessible online once we have permission from with Lewis’ estate.