Bernice by Pearl Burdock

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A fictional family story set in East Anglia around 1950. Written by Pearl Burdock, the story contains adventure, romance and tragedy.

Bernice is a fictional family story told in a realistic and ‘true to life way’. The setting for the book is in East Anglia about 1950. There were no televisions, computers, videos, freezers or even washing machines during those days. In fact, the pace of life was much slower and far simpler than the rush and tear of the world we live in today.

‘If the reader has as much pleasure in reading the story as I did in its writing, then the effort will have been well worthwhile.’ Pearl Burdock.

ISBN: 9781911526292

Paperback – 46pp.

Price: £5.00

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Pearl has also written an anthology of poems called ‘From Tots to Teens’. If you’d like more information, please email Pearl.