Tongas, Doongas and Lilac Blossom: A Kashmir Adventure by Ivy Hindley

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It’s April 1913, and Ivy and three companions set off on an intrepid and ambitious journey. From Trichinopoly, at the southern tip of India, they travel almost as far as Tibet. The journey to Kashmir takes many days, several of them in uncomfortable third-class railway carriages, then in a horse-drawn tonga, to eventually board their doonga at Srinagar.

Through the heat, and then the cold, of their often gruelling journey, Ivy remained an enthusiastic observer of the wonderful landscapes through which they passed, and the colourful and interesting people they saw.

With an introduction by Ivy’s granddaughter, Nicola, and illustrated with many of Ivy’s wonderful photographs, this book takes you on an enchanting adventure.


Fully illustrated with black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-1-911526-32-2

RRP: £9.50

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