Alfie Bear goes to work by Brenda-Gillian and Alfie Brown

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Alfie Bear goes to work and meets lots of new characters down on the farm

Alfie Bear is a delightful tale about a little boy who blows out the four candles on his birthday cake and makes a wish. He wishes he could be grown up like Mummy. That night he dreams he is grown up and becomes a farmer. Little did he know what adventures lay in store for him down on the farm.

This is a delightful tale to read aloud with young children. We meet various characters that live on the farm and learn about the needs of others and how colourful farming can be!

A4 paperback with full colour illustrations by Brenda-Gillian and Alfie Brown.

ISBN: 9781911526117


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The Family that Flew by Ann Petre

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The Story of the Tor Bryan Petres and Pioneers in Flight

1914 was a key year for the Tor Bryan Petres. Seven offspring. Four sons fighting – three sons flying and the fourth, an aviation pioneer, already dead. Tragedy and sacrifice, fortitude and hopefulness in the face of loss are vividly portrayed here through photographs, letters and memories. The story begins in the Victorian era with the family influenced by the deep spirituality of Ann’s grandmother, Elise Sibeth. it portrays the excitement of aviation in the Edwardian years and something of the sadness and horrors of WWI.

The seven siblings, Ann’s aunts and uncles, mirror their times. The eldest, Mary, the family ‘carer’, was imprisoned by Edwardian mores. They all shared a passion for flight that led to the untimely deaths of Edward and jack. henry went on to found the Royal Australian Air Force. Sybil, the youngest, enjoyed more freedom as an ambulance driver and considerable artist.

This is also the story of Tor Bryan, Ingatestone, a unique Arts & Crafts House, built in 1850 by my grandfather and destroyed by developers a hundred years later. The demise of the house mirrors the lives, and deaths, of its occupants.

Paperback 264 pages

ISBN: 978-1-911526-04-9

Fully illustrated with black & white photographs

RRP: £10

To order a copy, please email us at and we will forward your request.

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Journey into Solitude

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These Wonderful Lives by Ruth Moulder

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Stories to inspire young minds

Stories of inspirational women and their determination, courage and kindness to be shared with children, grandchildren and in the classroom. The beginning chapters are based on the lives of real women told by an imaginary grandmother to her granddaughter.  By the end of the book, we learn about their own inspiring lives.

It is through story telling that we can pass on our values and encourage our children to find out what is important to them and to follow their dreams.

When Ruth Moulder looked for these types of stories to inspire her young daughters and couldn’t find them, a librarian suggested she should write her own. Ruth followed her dream and completed this collection by the arrival of her grandchildren.

Paperback 74 pages

ISBN: 978-1-911526-05-6

Black & white illustrations

RRP: £6.00

To order a copy, please email Ruth at

Arabella and the Grandiose Peahens by Gloria Loring

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Arabella visits the Beautiful Garden again for more adventures

In her imagination Arabella glides through the trees of a mysterious forest. She smells the lush moist vegetation, listens to the twittering of the birds and hears the leaves rustling. The wind kisses her cheek and gently whispers, ‘Arabella, you must return to the Beautiful Garden!’

Father Sky grants her wish and she returns, facing new adventures and dangers – as a peahen!

Arabella and the Grandiose Peahens is the third book set in the ‘Beautiful Garden’, all sumptuously illustrated with Gloria Loring’s paintings. enjoy as a stand-alone book or as part of the wider adventures. This lovely book is aimed at older children.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-01-8

28 pages – staple bound

10 Full colour illustrations

RRP £12.00

To purchase a copy please email Gloria at 

Now also available in Amazon Kindle format

ISBN: 978-1-911526-50-6

Price: £2.11 (approx)

For more information about Leonora, Arabella, Gloria and her paintings, please visit her

The Eye of Wicken: Emma Sophia Aspland 1871 – 1948 – A collection of photographs collated by Anthony Day

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A collection of photographs taken in Wicken, Cambridgeshire at the turn of the 20th century.

Anthony Day has a keen interest in the social history of his home village of Wicken, Cambridgeshire. Whilst looking for family photographs in the 1960s, he was presented with a collection of pictures taken by Emma Sophia Aspland at the turn of the 20th century. Over the years, he has added more images to his collection and shares them with us here.

Anthony was moved by Emma’s awareness of what was likely to disappear. She loved her thatched cottages and farmhouses, so many of which had vanished before Anthony was born. She loved portraiture and the ancient trades dependent on the fen. Emma appears to be shy and self-conscious, unlike the subjects she encouraged to be photographed.

Emma was the essential ‘Eye of Wicken’. Her legacy of views and people a blessing and a glimpse of village life as it was in 1900.

This book is sponsored by Colin Searle of Ivor Searle Ltd, Soham, in tribute to his father, Mr Ivor Searle. he was born in 1915, but died in 1956 aged just 40. he would have been 100 years old in 2015. Ivor Searle Limited was established in 1946 and, at the time of publication in 2016, has been trading for 70 years.

This is a hardback book with 73 black and white photographs 

Size: 21cm x 21cm

ISBN: 978-1-911526-00-1

Recommended Retail Price: £24

To purchase a copy, please email Colin Searle at

Who’s Hoo? by Jane Thomas

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A story to be read aloud to the very young

Merry Mouse finds a letter but does anyone know Mr Hoo or where he lives? With the help of her friends, and a few rhymes along the way, Merry sets out on a journey to find the mysterious Mr Hoo.

Who’s Hoo is written for young children or the young at heart and is illustrated throughout with Jane’s watercolours. It is ideal to read aloud and encourages children to join in the rhymes.

Small paperback – 105 mm x 105 mm

28 pages – fully illustrated

ISBN: 978-1-911526-02-5

Price: £3 (Plus P&P)

To purchase a copy, please email

Also available on Amazon

A Pilgrim in Israel by David Berkley

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A personal pilgrimage through historical Israel

David Berkley takes us on a pilgrimage through historical Israel from the Tel Dan National Park and the Golan Heights in the north, to Masada and the Dead Sea in the south. We visit Nazareth, Tiberias, Bethlehem and Jerusalem to bring to life the places and names intrinsic to Christianity and its history.

David is a veteran of two pilgimages, a former teacher of religious studies and a lay minister. His easy and informative style makes this book a fascinationg read at home and a useful companion on your own journey to the Holy Land.

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-9-8

RRP: £15.00

For more information and to order a copy, please email David at 

Go For It! : Sixteen SME Leaders Share Their Stories

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How do you end up running a business?

We all have our dreams. Our 16 storytellers from the Huntingdonshire Business Network wanted to be actors, rock’n’roll legends, flying aces, military commanders, travellers and scientists. Some were told they had no future, or they struggled with school. Others were persuaded to give up their dreams and told to ‘get a proper job’.

But things change, people, the economy, politics, and new opportunities arise.

These 16 stories show that, whatever your beginnings, you always have the choice to follow a new path.

Whether you are in business yourself, a new start-up, thinking of changing your job, or a school leaver taking the first steps into work, we hope this book will encourage you to build YOUR new future: Go For It!

Available on Amazon Kindle:

Original Paperback (out of print)

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-8-1

Beautiful Arabella by Gloria Loring

Beautiful Arabella follows her sister Leonora to the Beautiful Garden, but things don’t go quite as expected

When stars look down, they are enchanted by the Beautiful Garden.

Arabella’s sister, Shiny Star Leonora, has already visited the Beautiful Garden. Now Arabella is filled with a desire to follow in her sister’s footsteps and have her own adventures. Her wish is granted, but not in the way she expects. She awakes as a caterpillar!

Through her own struggles she discovers the beauty and purpose of flowers and plants. And then there is the curious and peckish sparrow.

Shiny Star Leonora introduced us to The Beautiful Garden. Now Arabella invites us to share her adventure.

Illustrated throughout with Gloria’s beautiful paintings, this lovely book is aimed at older children.

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-5-0

36 pages – staple bound

19 Full colour illustrations

RRP £12.00

To purchase a copy please email Gloria at 

Now also available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book:


Price approx. £2.15 

For more information about Leonora, Arabella, Gloria and her paintings, please visit her