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The Cat that Sat by Jane Thomas

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Cover for The Cat that Sat

The Cat that Sat sits in the window and watches the world go by

The Cat that Sat is a short story for reading aloud to young children and for those who love cats!

The Cat that Sat sits on the windowsill and spends the day watching the world go by, pondering whether to venture out to join in or not.

Every page is illustrated with Jane’s own images, created using a mixture of photographs, watercolours and computer graphics.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-40-7

Fully illustrated picture book

20 pages

RRP: £6.00 plus P&P

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Arabella in London by Gloria Loring

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Cover for Arabella in London

Arabella returns to the Beautiful Garden just as war is breaking out and, with the support of her friends, helps a young girl find safety.

In this sixth volume of the Beautiful Garden, Arabella is called to serve others and discover more about her own identity. She looks down from the Heavens and her eyes are drawn to a small child with curly brown hair, standing patiently on a roof terrace in London.

Arabella returns to the Garden just as war is breaking out and, with the support of her friends, Sparrow and Elwen, helps a young girl and her family find safety from the impending darkness.

Beautifully illustrated with Gloria’s paintings, this story leaves you wondering what happens next …

ISBN: 978-1-911526-38-4

Paperback – 44 pages with colour illustrations

RRP: £10.00

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The Knit & Natter Club by Gillian Grinham

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Cover for The Knit & Natter Club

Archie thought he would be bored staying on the North Norfolk coast, but that was before Grandma’s knitting bag revealed some very interesting stories!

Fancy having to spend time with your Grandparents instead of going to a Holiday Hockey Club! Archie thought he would be bored staying on the North Norfolk coast as he recovered from chickenpox.

That was before Grandma’s knitting bag revealed some very interesting stories. Green, purple, yellow, cream – each ball of wool had a tale to tell and time flew by as Archie discovered.

Author Gillian Grinham loves North Norfolk, knitting and nattering (she even buys her wool at Owl Tree Crafts), so these lovely short stories wrote themselves.

Suitable for children and adults alike.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Pitt Hopkins UK. For more information about Pitt Hopkins, please visit their website:

Paperback, 42 pages, with illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-911526-37-7

RRP: £6.00

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The History of Cambridge Open Studios by Chris Thomas

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Cover for The History of Cambridge Open Studios

With a foreword by Dame Evelyn Glennie, The History of Cambridge Open Studios is both an archival record of this Cambridgeshire annual arts event and an insight into the people actively involved within living memory. It is for artists, those who are interested in how artists work, those running or thinking of setting up their own Open Studios, and historians.

The book charts the successes and the trials and tribulations of Cambridge Open Studios, run by members for members as a co-operative or mutual benefit company over the past 45 years, with almost 1800 artists taking part (listed in the appendix). It interweaves its record with the often inspirational personal stories of the key individuals who helped steer the organisation. Their lives show that there are many ways to becoming an artist.

We see Cambridge Open Studios in context with other Open Studios in the UK and in Cambridgeshire. It covers past and potential visitor numbers, how we try to reach out to them and what the future may hold.

You can look inside the first 10% of the book here on ISSUU:

ISBN 978-1-911526-34-6

The History of Cambridge Open Studios by Chris Thomas
Published by Milton Contact Ltd, 2019
210 mm x 210 mm
Full colour
268 pages

RRP: £36
Limited first print run 100 copies
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Now also available as a Kindle e-book:

ISBN: 978-1-911526-42-1

Available from Amazon

Price: £25.00

One Small Dog: A dachshund, a sketchbook, a malady by Joss Goodchild

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Cover for One Small Dog: A dachshund, a sketchbook, a malady

Joss Goodchild is an artist with a passion for the countryside and its wildlife, dogs and horses.

When a rare and devastating disease quite literally knocked Joss off her feet in 2018, she could not have forseen how long her recovery would take.

Undertaking a simple sketch or watercolour of her dachshund became her one attainable daily task and this book details the succour a small dog and art can bring to a chronic situation. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with Joss’s sketches and watercolours of her adorable four year old smooth haired dachshund, Little Fen.

Hardback, 64 pages, Fully illustrated

RRP: £24

ISBN: 978-1-911526-31-5

To order a copy directly from the author at £20 plus P&P, please email Joss at

Tongas, Doongas and Lilac Blossom: A Kashmir Adventure by Ivy Hindley

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Cover for Tongas, Doongas and Lilac Blossom

It’s April 1913, and Ivy and three companions set off on an intrepid and ambitious journey. From Trichinopoly, at the southern tip of India, they travel almost as far as Tibet. The journey to Kashmir takes many days, several of them in uncomfortable third-class railway carriages, then in a horse-drawn tonga, to eventually board their doonga at Srinagar.

Through the heat, and then the cold, of their often gruelling journey, Ivy remained an enthusiastic observer of the wonderful landscapes through which they passed, and the colourful and interesting people they saw.

With an introduction by Ivy’s granddaughter, Nicola, and illustrated with many of Ivy’s wonderful photographs, this book takes you on an enchanting adventure.


Fully illustrated with black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-1-911526-32-2

RRP: £9.50

To find out more or to order a copy, please contact us at and we will pass your request to Nicola.

Tobruk to Trieste: Life of a Bofors Gunner 1941 – 45 by Herbert W. Goodwin

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Cover for Tobruk to Trieste

This is the story of a young soldier from a traditional farming background in rural Huntingdonshire, who served four years during World War II as a gunner and trained signalman.

As a member of the 2SAS in 1943, and later with partisans in the Apennine Mountains in Italy, he achieved a successful mission in 1944, behind the Gustav Line, breaking German supply routes to Cassino and the Liri Valley.

In the contrasting conditions of sand and snow, in deserts and mountains, Bert Goodwin writes of moments of great bravery, compassion and comradery during the action and destruction of war, and of his experiences in the major battles of the North African and Italian campaigns under Gernerals Montgomery and Alexander.

Bert’s daughter, Janet collected his writings together and, following his death, his granddaughter, Beth, asked Brian and Beth Davis to edit the recollections and write this book.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-33-9
Paperback 122 pages
Colour photo insert
RRP: £15.00

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A Life Well Lived: David James Crellin 1962 – 2017

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Cover for A Life Well Lived

A collection of photographs and memories of David James Crellin

A collection of photographs and memories put together following the untimely death of David James Crellin in 2017.

Frank Boddy has compiled contributions from family and friends to create a beautifully illustrated work of remembrance, healing and pride – and, in David’s best tradition, A Project.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-30-8

Paperback, 76 pages

Fully illustrated

RRP: £20.00

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Cancer Research UK. To make a donation and purchase a copy, please visit Frank’s Just Giving page at:

For further information, please email Frank at:

Bernice by Pearl Burdock

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Cover for Bernice

A fictional family story set in East Anglia around 1950. Written by Pearl Burdock, the story contains adventure, romance and tragedy.

Bernice is a fictional family story told in a realistic and ‘true to life way’. The setting for the book is in East Anglia about 1950. There were no televisions, computers, videos, freezers or even washing machines during those days. In fact, the pace of life was much slower and far simpler than the rush and tear of the world we live in today.

‘If the reader has as much pleasure in reading the story as I did in its writing, then the effort will have been well worthwhile.’ Pearl Burdock.

ISBN: 9781911526292

Paperback – 46pp.

Price: £5.00

To obtain a copy, please email the author:

Pearl has also written an anthology of poems called ‘From Tots to Teens’. If you’d like more information, please email Pearl.

Arabella and the Chameleon by Gloria Loring

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Cover for Arabella and the Chameleon

Another adventure in The Beautiful Garden

In this fifth volume set in The Beautiful Garden, Arabella returns in the form of a Little Owl and flies with Wind through the heavens in search of invisibility, but her search brings only terror.

She becomes trapped in a strange world far away from Fifth heaven, terrified that she may never see Leonora or Strider again. Then she is offered a chance of escape in return for promising to bring back some Chameleon spittle from The Beautiful Garden. And so her search begins.

Fully illustrated once again with Gloria’s wonderful paintings, this is a lovely additiion to her collection of children’s stories.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-27-8

RRP: £16

To order a copy or to contact Gloria, please email her at

To find out more about Gloria’s work, visit her website: