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Children’s Songs by Emma Atack

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A new illustrated book of children’s songs with music CD and pages to colour in. Written by music teacher, Emma Atack

Emma Atack is a talented piano player, clarinettist and qualified music teacher with many years’ experience in teaching young children.

After having her own children, Emma was inspired to write a selection of fun and engaging children’s songs for 0-5 year olds.

Through the songs in this songbook and CD collection, young children experience a wide variety of different musical styles, rhythms, tempos and dynamics, which help provide the foundation for developing their speech and language. The words and rhymes used have been specially structured to make them easy for younger listeners to follow.

To compliment every song, there is a numbered black and white cartoon picture for children to colour in to further inspire creativity and encourage early learning.

Wherever you may be, these songs provide a wonderful opportunity for sharing fun and learning together.

Title: Children’s Songs – A Colour-in Songbook with Music CD

Paperback 24 pages (21cm x 21cm)

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-3-6

Price: £9.99

To listen to excerpts and purchase a copy, please go to:

For more information about Emma’s work, please visit her website:

Shiny Star Leonora by Gloria Loring

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Shiny Star Leonora – A beautiful, illustrated story about Leonora and her adventures in the Beautiful Garden

Looking down through a parting in the clouds, Shiny Star Leonora yearns to visit the Beautiful Garden. She catches a falling raindrop and so begins her adventure of discovery.

Light, Beauty, Sorrow, Fear and Gloom. Innocent Shiny Star Leonora meets them all. Only then does she learn who she truly is.

It was a magical night in balmy Spain, when sculptor and painter Gloria Loring looked up to the stars and this beautifully illustrated tale of Shiny Star Leonora was born.

Illustrated throughout with Gloria’s beautiful paintings, this lovely book is aimed at older children and young adults.

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-2-9

40 pages – staple bound

20 Full colour illustrations

RRP £12.00

To purchase a copy please email Gloria at 

Also available in Spanish: La Estrella Brillante Leonora:

For more information about Leonora, Gloria and her paintings, please visit her website:

The Art of Invisible Landscapes by Gwyneth M. Thurgood

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The Art of Invisible Landscapes: A stunning collection of art inspired by images seen through the microscope

This is a journey that takes you on an exploration of landscapes and colours evoking foreign lands and medieval stained glass windows; to views into worlds invisible to the naked eye.

Gwyneth shares her stunning paintings, etchings, drawings and photographs as she interprets the vibrant colours and patterns she has discovered in crystals and chemical compounds under the microscope.

Join the artist as she reveals the abstract patterns, intimate views and mystical landscapes she has captured for us.

Gwyneth Thurgood is an elected fellow of the National Society of Education in Art and Design and is also a member of The Quekett Microscopical Club.

For more information about her work, visit Gwyneth’s site at:

Limited first edition. 100 pages. 72 illustrations

Price: £40

ISBN: 978-0-9933337-1-2

To order a copy, please contact

Networking Bites by Siobhan Costello

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Networking Bites 1: The Memorable Minute

The Memorable Minute is the first in a new series of Networking Bites – small bite-sized guides to help you build your business through face to face networking.

“The Memorable Minute takes you through the process of writing a pitch that gets you the clients you really want to work with and a return on your networking investment,” says author Siobhan Costello.

Siobhan is founder of two businesses and runs seven successful network groups for business women in the UK. She is passionate about showing other women how they can build their businesses.

Wirebound (stapled) – 28 colour pages

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-6-4

RRP £7.00

Copies are available from the author. Please email Siobhan at

More information can be found on Siobhan’s website:

Marvellous Mammoths: Mammoths in Huntingdonshire by Chris Thomas

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Marvellous Mammoths takes you on a journey back in time: From the present to nearly 3 million years ago – and back again. A story based in the East of England, but relevant to the rest of the UK.

Come on an 18,000 kilometre round trip from St Petersburg to Siberia to recover the very first intact mammoth in 1902. There’s the mystery of how and when a sample of this mammoth’s hair came to the Norris Museum in St Ives, Huntingdonshire, UK.

Going back in time, to before the current ice age and its waves of ice began, we discover mammoths here in the East of England.

Chris, the author of the book, was lured into the Norris Museum by chance and ended up researching mammoths, the ice ages and ancient humans for the Marvellous Mammoths exhibition in 2015.

The book was made possible by the collection and encouragement of the Norris Museum and has been published with the support of the Goodliffe Award, given by the Huntingdonshire Local History Society.

52 colour pages

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-8-8

RRP: £8.00

Free to Read Online here

Buy to Own Paperback here at £8 + p&p

Alternatively, please visit the Norris Museum in St Ives and pick up a copy to support their fundraising efforts.

Buy to Own E-Book on Kindle at ~ £2.26

Brouhaha: One child’s memories of the war by Pamela Cotton

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In this personal account, Pamela Cotton vividly recalls her childhood, from shortly before the start of the war to VJ day. The experience profoundly shaped her views and made her an ardent pacifist; views she holds to this day.

‘World War II had a dramatic effect on the lives of children in the UK, even in seemingly ‘safe’ country villages. At the age of six, I saw my father go off to war. With my mother and sister, we moved from our home in military target Colchester to live in the village of Rodborough in Gloucestershire.

I learnt first-hand how sensitive children are to the emotions and foibles of the adults around them; the constant undercurrent of fear that a major conflict creates. Most of all, I saw how peoples’ and politicians’ attitudes change; where the once reviled Joseph Stalin suddenly becomes “Uncle Jo”; where mass slaughter of cilvilians becomes a matter of satisfaction; and where, as a child, I discovered the hypocrisy of being told to live and love, whilst the adult reality in war is so very different.’

Pamela’s first book, ‘Dear Ruth: A lament for Bygone Africa‘, describes her later journeys in life.

122 pages with 21 images

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-7-1

RRP £8.00

To purchase a copy, please contact Chris at Milton Contact Ltd –

The Book of Caldecote: The Long Slender Thread by Caldecote Local History Group

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A history of the village from prehistory to the present

Caldecote is a long linear village to the West of Cambridge which runs like a thread between the A428 and the Toft to Bourn Road to the south. Until the 20th century it was tiny, but do not let the size fool you. The lives of the inhabitants of Caldecote reflect the history of England. It is also a living history.

With the written record running from today back through to the 13th century, the archaeological evidence going back to the Iron Age and using the recollections and photographs of villagers past and present, the Caldecote Local History Group has been able to tell the story of the village of Caldecote, the long slender thread.

Today, Caldecote is sinuously imprinted on the landscape reflecting the long slender thread it has woven for thousands of years. Caldecote’s survival is rooted in its land and the determination of its people to survive.

Contact Caldecote Local History Group. Please email Sue Day at

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-3-3

Paperback – Royal 156mm x 234mm

490 pages with illustrations, photographs and colour insert.

Downloadable PDF copies available on the Caldecote Local History Website:

Understanding and Using the Light Microscope: Introduction and QuickStart Guide to Using Compound Light Microscopes by Chris Thomas and Lewis Woolnough

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A straightforward, illustrated book with a QuickStart guide to help you get the most out of your microscope.  Whether you use a microscope at work, for study or for fun, this simply written, informative booklet will help you get the best results.

With a simple introduction to the parts of the microscope and a straightforward 13 step procedure to help you get started, the book continues with a more in-depth look at the various components, what they are for and how to set them up to get optimum results.

This first guide in a new series is illustrated with plenty of diagrams and photographs and has links to nine instructional videos that accompany the book.

The book is available in two formats, print and online.

Understanding and Using The Light Microscope

Print book: RRP £8.00 (plus P&P) 
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9929289-2-6
To order a copy of the printed book please e-mail the author:

Fen Farming Family: Putting you in the Picture by Lesley Goad

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A celebration of a fen farming family that touched the world

At first glance we see a family with a 400 year history of living in the familiar Cambridgeshire villages of Longstanton, Swavesey and Stretham.  We meet dairy maids, pig jobbers, cheese makers and dairy farmers.

Delving deeper, we encounter mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and cousins living, loving and dying, in London’s metropolis and the far reaches of the British empire and its former colonies.

We discover a skeleton in the closet; stories of the Indian Mutiny; caring for the wounded during the horrors of WWI in France; emigrants to Canada; passengers on the Lusitania. There is bravery on the Arctic convoys in WWII, leading to undying gratitude, the Albert Medal and a meeting with royalty.

Lesley Goad began her research after a family “Goad Fest” and uncovered these tales and touching love stories too. Ultimately, they always return to the fen farming homes in the villages of Swavesey and Stretham.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards research into Parkinson’s Disease, in memory of Sarah (Sally) Goad.

Copies are available directly from the author. Please email Lesley Goad at

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-0-2


328 pages with illustrations, photographs and colour insert.

RRP: £24

My Family and Other Poems: An anthology by Gillian Grinham

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My Family and Other Poems is a wonderful anthology that looks at life with humour and sympathy

My Family and Other Poems is a collection inspired by family, travel and experience.

Gillian’s poems take us on a sympathetic, humorous journey from a stay in hospital to holidays in the Far East; being five years old and the joys of the classroom.  Above all, Gillian makes us look at love and life with different eyes.

Gillian has an MA in Creative Writing and is currently working on her first novel.  She and her husband John have lived in West Suffolk for almost 40 years.  They have two children and two very active grandsons.

Copies are available from the author.  Please contact Gillian via email:

ISBN: 978-0-9929289-1-9

Paperback. 92 pages.

RRP: £6.50